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What I Learned from Buying Bitcoin Before it Skyrocketed

What I Learned from Buying Bitcoin Before it Skyrocketed
Cryptocurrencies are the future. There is no doubt about that.

Trading crypto is an easy way to make an enormous amount of money from practically nothing - if you know what you’re doing and are willing to risk some 💵cash.

You can buy and trade them with zero government regulation (until you realize your gains, that is), the fees are small, and the market never closes.

However, if you are not an expert in trading and do not have expendable income, you can still take part in the cryptocurrency market and make money with an app called 💹Blockium.


You can earn money and easily cash out without any previous investment, but I’ll talk about that later.

Anyway, here’s how I got involved in cryptocurrencies by chance at an early stage and earned much more money than I ever anticipated:

In May of 2015, I downloaded a torrent of Minecraft for my little brother. A few weeks later, a message appeared on my PC saying that all my files were encrypted and the only way to get them back was to send .1 BTC (Bitcoin) to a certain address.

At this time, I didn’t have any knowledge or background in cryptocurrencies, but I wanted to access my files again.



I know that paying the people who make these “cryptolockers” just encourages them, but 0.1 BTC was only $23.74 at the time. I googled “How to get bitcoins,” which led me to making an account on Coinbase, purchasing 0.1 BTC, and paying the thieves, and sure enough, my files were accessible again.

To my amazement, the entire process took less than fifteen minutes.


This whole experience got me thinking. I just paid an unknown person, who could be from any country with internet access, anonymously, without any government regulation. Even though I lost twenty bucks, the fact that I could use Bitcoin to accomplish such a task was mesmerizing.

After this whole ordeal, I began researching Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. I read countless articles and studied all sorts of graphs, and after not that long I was convinced:

Bitcoin’s price was going to explode.


I wasn’t sure when or of what magnitude, but I knew that I should invest. I bought fractions of a Bitcoin slowly over the next few years and did not sell.

I invested in other cryptocurrencies as well. Besides for Bitcoin, I bought some Litecoin, Ethereum, and had Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold (Bitcoin’s hard forks). Once the cryptocurrency market exploded toward the end of 2017, I sold a large portion of my portfolio with a profit of over 1400%.


As soon as I cashed out, I immediately wanted to get back in the crypto game. I still had fractions of the various cryptocurrencies I invested in, but I wanted to find other currencies that would prove to be equally profitable. I found three that I strongly believed would go up in value in the near future and invested heavily in them.

That was a bad decision. I wish I knew about and used a blockchain gamesuch as Blockium then instead of risking my own money.


As of now, I have not sold those three cryptos, because their value has declined so much that it is not even worth selling.

I like the thrill of buying and selling cryptocurrencies, or at least I thought I did in 2017. Now, it is much more difficult and risky to make money in the cryptocurrency market. There are always risks involved in financial trading; cryptocurrencies are simply more volatile and therefore have a higher risk when being invested.

That’s where Blockium comes in.


If you’re interested in trading cryptocurrencies but are not comfortable with the inherent risks that come with them, you should look into Blockium, a trading simulator that uses real-time market data and has cash prizes for winning. It’s essentially fantasy football with cryptocurrencies (as well as stocks) instead of players.

Here’s how it works:

Once you sign up, you are given $20. You can use this money to register for various trading tournaments. There are different tournaments depending on what you would like to trade, including U.S. Equities, Foreign Exchange, and, of course, cryptocurrencies. For each tournament, you select three assets and predict if their value will increase or decrease by the end of the tournament, which can vary from 30 minutes to one week or longer.


The user or users (depending on the tournament) with the highest returns by the end wins and receives a prize, which can be cashed out via PayPal.

There is absolutely no risk with Blockium, because you are not using any of your own money. You can do your research, pick what you think will go up or down, and, if your predictions are correct, you will earn money from nothing. Therefore, it is safer than buying these altcoins on exchanges such as CoinExchange or Binance because no actual money is involved.

There are well over a thousand cryptos in existence, and Blockium has more than just the popular ones. You can easily find undervalued cryptocurrencies and predict that they will increase in value. However, if you are wrong, like I was about those three cryptocurrencies, and their value decrease, you will not lose a single cent (unlike me).


Although financial trading is fun and can be profitable, it can also be dangerous. Blockium removes that risky aspect, and if you are new to cryptocurrencies and financial trading, or just want to play around in the market without any risk, Blockium is the app for you.

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